Aishwarya Rai Getting Rs 6 crore per movie

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The Tamil grapevine saying Aishwarya Rai has been paid Rs 6 crore for her role in film Enthiram. If this is true, this makes her India’s highest paid actress!

But it is to be noted that Aishwarya agreed to work in Enthiram out of the respect she has for Rajinikanth. Forced by busy schedules to turn down a role opposite Rajini thrice before, Aishwarya Rai deemed it would be inappropriate to deny the stalwart’s offer anymore. That is the main reason she signed Enthiram even after her call sheet overflowed with dates allocated to Mani Ratnam’s bilingual.

Thus it is little surprise that the producers of Enthiram, Ayngaran International and Eros International, are willing to pay the actress such a hefty price. Happy with Aishwarya’s commitment, director Shankar has even decided to give her a break when Mani Ratnam’s film shoot starts.

At present, a song is being filmed on Aishwarya Rai and Rajinikanth for film Enthiram, an ancient temple site erected by Inca Indians in Peru. Meanwhile, the public’s curiosity is stoked up by the promos of Enthiram. Most of the walls in Chennai are covered by posters depicting a robot modelled after the superstar Rajinikanth. Everyone is thrilled to see this metallic version of their beloved star.

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