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Aishwarya Rai would have to do a very different kind of preparation for her role in Mani Ratnam’s next film.

The movie, tentatively titled Ravan , will be a contemporary story loosely based on the Hindu epic Ramayan. It will have Ash pairing with hubby Abhishek Bachchan yet again.

But before shooting the film, Aishwarya will need to learn classical Indian music as she plays a singer in ‘Ravan’. There is also likelihood that Ash, if trained properly, might sing her own songs.

After seeing, rather hearing, how well Farhan Akhtar sang for Rock On , it might not be surprising if Ash, too, decides to train her vocal chords to lend authenticity to her character in ‘Ravan’.

However, it would not be possible without proper training under an instructor because she is required to sing Indian classical which is not easy to learn.

Aishwarya is presently shooting Shankar’s film Robot in the US. She would begin preparing for the Mani Ratnam film after she returns to Mumbai.

Come December, she would also be part of the Live Earth Concert in which several Bollywood personalities and US rocker Jon Bon Jovi would perform on stage to raise awareness for Global Warming. ... 922-2.html

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