Aishwarya Rai bowled over by Rajinikanth

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Aishwarya Rai, the queen of Indian tinsel world says that superstar Rajinikanth is an incredible personality she has ever seen in her career.

After her return from the Peru schedule of Enthiran, the actress gave a short interview to NDTV, yesterday. The actress said, "Working with superstar Rajinikanth is a complete learning experience. Such an incredible individual, I mean, talk about highest respect we all have for him. And he truly commands it. This speaks volumes about the personality. He is so real, such a simple and wonderful human being.

He is the epitome of the stardom in the world. And you see someone with humility personified, it is humbling... very humbling. I don't know how to say this in words... It is just one schedule with him that has been completed, but I have learned a lot after acting with this legend. I have never seen such a legend with this much of simplicity. Working with him is completely a learning experience... really a huge, huge learning experience. I have full respect for him and he is undoubtedly matchless, an incredible personality..."

Aishwarya Rai will join the superstar and Enthiran crew today at Goa for the second schedule and director Shankar has planned to shoot a song and some action sequences there. Meanwhile, Rajinikanth will leave for Goa today to attend the shoot. ... 61008.html

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