Aishwarya Rai Says Time Management Key To Balancing Life

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Learning how to manage time and taking up only those assignments wherein you can deliver your best are the 'mantras' that actress Aishwarya Rai follows in her life.

'I have learnt that if we take more work than we can chew, it will lead to utter chaos. Juggling work and personal life adds up to a very hectic schedule, but you've got to take it as it comes,' said the actress who took time out from her shoot in Kerala to launch the new collection, 'Admiral', of luxury watch brand Longines here today.

She said marriage had not forced her to cut down on her professional engagements and traveling away from her base Mumbai made her value her time with hubby Abhishek and family.

'Happiness is an internal emotion and Abhishek and my immediate family and parents have learnt to value the time we spend together,' she said.

She said working on Mani Ratnam's new project 'Ravana' was a pleasure and a privilege. 'He was the one who gave me my first break and I have a soft spot for him.' On 'Dostana', she said she was glad that it was a hit. 'I opted out of it as shooting had started just after my marriage. The genre was fun and love with emphasis on the chemistry between Abhishek and John Abraham.' On the size of her role in 'Pink Panthers' and her absence in the promos, she said 'I am glad the media is patriotic, supportive and possessive about me.

But I have really not seen the film and don't check the amount of dialogue or screen time I get, but I loved the part I signed up for. Everyone knows that the movie will always be about the main character, be it Peter Sellers or Steve Martin.' On the new Longines range of watches for which she has been the brand ambassador for the last nine years, Aishwarya said it personified simplicity, understatement and elegance with an attitude, which attracted her towards the brand immediately. ... 11108.html

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