Priyamani directed by Maniratnam in Aishwarya Rai Movie

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The dusky actress Priyamani celebrated her birthday earlier this week and get just about the perfect gift. News reached her that ace director Maniratnam had chosen her to play a very vital role in his next project.

The film that is to be made simultaneously in Tamil and Hindi will feature Vikram as hero in Tamil, while Abhishek Bachchan will feature in the Hindi version. Aishwarya Rai plays heroine in both versions.

Prithiviraj will be playing a role that has negative shades and Priyamani has been chosen to pair up with him. Maniratnam's handling of characters have always been mighty beneficial to his actors' image in the public eye and in that sense, Priyamani's career could very well be poised for greater heights.

Sources reveal that Priyamani was ecstatic once she heard the news.

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