Aishwarya Rai loses to Deepika Padukone?

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While Aishwarya Rai still holds firmly to her throne in tinsel town, she is about to be replaced by Deepika Padukone in Kalpana Lazmi’s film ‘Singhasan’.

Lazmi wrote the script of ‘Singhasan’ keeping Aishwarya in mind. The movie is supposedly a political drama and Lazmi wanted Ash to play the lead role. But things turned out such that the project could not take off for a long time and Lazmi couldn’t get Ash. Now, the director is no longer pursuing Ash because Deepika has made a strong impression on Lazmi.

When Lazmi saw Deepika in Om Shanti Om , she realized that Deepika can easily replace Ash, as the girl exudes the same grace and charm like Madhuri Dixit and Ash. Lazmi said recently: “I don’t think any other girl today has that quality”.

Kalpana Lazmi is a female director of the same ilk as Aparna Sen and Mira Nair , who have made some good woman-oriented films. Her two films ‘Rudali’ and Daman won her accolades for directing. In fact, the leading ladies of these films, Dimple Kapadia and Raveena Tandon got National Award for Best Actress in the respective films.

Lazmi’s last film Chingari with Sushmita Sen playing village prostitute was a big dud at the box-office, inspite of Sush’s power-packed acting.

Though a talented director, Lazmi always has tough time managing finances for her movie. Let’s see whether Deepika agrees for the movie or not.

And on Aishwarya’s front, the lady is apparently losing her clout. First, she got replaced by Katrina Kaif for Nakshatra. And L’Oreal’s news face is Sonam Kapoor instead of Ash, who was the brand ambassador of the fairness cream for the last few years. ... ukone.html

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